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Usage Policy

Maintenance and Outage Notification Procedures

We will notify all DF-IX members of service-affecting maintenance, outages or other disruptions of service by email to the mailinglist, details of which are available at http://df-ix.net/mailman/admin/members_df-ix.net

In case of failure

DF-IX members may contact the Network Operations Center for support and fault reporting via email at noc@df-ix.net

Privacy Policy

DF-IX does not monitor, inspect, archive or otherwise retain information on the contents of traffic exchanged on the peering LAN. DF-IX members are prohibited from observing/monitoring or recording any traffic flows other than their own. DF-IX members are prohibited from taking any action that may result in misdirection of traffic. DF-IX collects statistical information about traffic flows between members to ensure the normal operation of the peering LAN. DF-IX will not disclose any information to third parties, except as necessary to comply with lawful demands for information as required by law, regulation or court order.